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Terms and Conditions

We know you would rather be down on the farm having fun with your little one but please take a moment to read our terms and conditions to avoid any confusion in the future, Thank you.

Booking/paying for Classes

Places at classes and special events are not guaranteed unless booked and paid for in advance. Moo Music Guernsey reserves the right to limit the numbers attending a class or special event if, in the view of the class leader, it would be inappropriate to allow any more children and/or adults to take part for any reason.

All classes/events must be paid for in full prior to the class/event starting.

Bookings can be made and paid for through our secure online booking system accessible on the website. If for some reason you are unable to make an online Booking/payment, please message us via Facebook or email us at and we can arrange an alternative for you.

Safety Information

Children remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult/s at all times before/during and after a class/event. Moo Music Guernsey staff can not take responsibility for any child/ren at anytime.

Please supervise your child/ren closely during the class/event and particularly when using props and equipment. Please do not allow them to access props and equipment when not in use.

Please follow the instructions of the class leader, our goal is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time while at Moo Music Guernsey.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our classes/events are fun and educational. In order to keep them age appropriate for the children attending this means that the classes can involve lots of movement and, at times Messy Play.

Please make sure that you and you Child/ren are wearing appropriate clothes in order to take part in the activities.  Moo Music Guernsey reserves the right to exclude any children and/or adults from an activity/class if the class leader feels that the clothing is inappropriate.

Our classes contain a wide range of props, sensory elements, food and toys. It is your responsibility to ensure that these are safe for your children to handle. 

Please note any allergies on your registration form. Your class leader can then advise you of any element of the class that may be an issue for your child.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of children and accompanying adults whilst attending a Moo Music Guernsey class/event all classes and events are attended at your own risk and by attending a class and/or special event you accept that you do so entirely at your own risk and Moo Music Guernsey can not be held liable for any injuries or accidents or untoward events however caused.

Please sign in at the start of your first class so that we can confirm that you have read these terms and conditions and ensure that the necessary photo/video permissions are in place.

Refunds/Missed classes

Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Moo Music Guernsey. If you are unable to attend a class/event for any reason then you are welcome to give the class to a friend or relative.

Refunds will not be given due to holidays being taken by you during the term.  In the case of illness it may be possible to make up the class at another time. This only applies if it is possible to make up the class during the term that you have paid for and only at the discretion of Moo Music Guernsey.

Refunds will not be given for any Special events/classes due to the fact that costs will have already been occurred by Moo Music Guernsey.


Please do not bring your child (or a sibling) to class if they are unwell.  Your child (and any accompanying adults) should remain away from class if they have had vomiting, fever or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours.

If at any point your child has an illness such as chicken pox, whooping cough, norovirus or similar please let your class leader know as soon as possible so that other who attended your class can be made aware. This will be done anonymously, with no mention of a specific child and will only be done if it is felt necessary to inform other parents that their child may be at risk.


Babies who have had their vaccinations should not come to a Mooborn massage class until 48 hours after the vaccination. 

If you are unsure if you or child should attend a class or event please contact your class leader who will be able to advise you.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a class/event needing to be cancelled due to a reason within Moo Music Guernsey's control an additional class will be put on in order for you to make up the missed class. This may involve combining 1 or more classes in order to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to make up the class.

In the event of a class/event being cancelled due to a reason outside of Moo Music Guernsey's control (such as bad weather, last minute cancellation by venue, police advice etc) Moo Music Guernsey is under no obligation to provide a catch up class/event. An additional class/event may be put on at the discretion of Moo Music Guernsey.


Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Moo Music Guernsey. 


We know that you love to take photos/videos of your children whilst they are having fun. However we would ask that you respect the privacy of the other adults and children attending sessions and events and ensure that where possible the photos/videos only contain your child/ren. Where it may be possible to identify other children/adults please refrain from sharing these, particularly on social media, unless you have sought the permission of the adults/children involved.

From time to time we may take photos/videos of classes/events for marketing and promotional purposes. Where photos/videos are used in this way no personal information will be attached to them unless specific permission has been sought.

Please ensure that you have filled in your Photo/Video permissions on your registration form. You are free to change your Photo/Video permission at anytime by informing Moo Music Guernsey in writing.

Class Behaviour

We want everyone to be able to have fun whilst at Moo Music. We also understand that from time to time event the most calm child will 'act up'.

If your child is having a 'moment' please take them to one side to calm down. If you need a quiet room please let your class leader know and they will see if one is available.

If we feel that your child is disrupting the group or harming other children in any way, we will will politely ask you to take them to one side until they have calmed down.

Moo Music Guernsey reserves the right to ask any Adult/Child to leave a class and to cancel any further bookings that you may have with us if we deem that the behaviour is unacceptable. In this instance Moo Music Guernsey's decision is final. Any unused class credits will be refunded to you in this event.

To help support your child's development and listening skills we would politely ask that chat between adults is limited to the free play section of the class/event (if included)

Discounts/Special offers

From time to time we may offer discounts or special offers relating to specific services or products. The normal terms and conditions will apply to these discounts/special offers as well as any additional terms and conditions that Moo Music Guernsey feel that it is appropriate to issue.

Sibling discounts only apply to siblings. in the event that Moo Music Guernsey becomes aware that bookings have been made for children who are not siblings then you will be asked to pay the difference before returning to they class/event.

Additional Adults/Siblings

We appreciate that from time to time you may wish to share your child's adventures with family and friends.

Within reason we will endeavour to accommodate any additional adults in our classes so that they can join in the fun. Moo Music Guernsey reserves the right to limit the number of additional adults who are joining in the class and may ask that additional adults sit outside of the activity circle to maintain the safety of the those participating in the class.

Older siblings (defined as 7 years and older) are welcome to attend for free with the prior permission of the class leader. The same rules regarding safety, photo permissions etc as outlined above apply to any siblings attending a class.

Data protection


Moo Music Guernsey takes all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal data held by us is safe and not accessible to unauthorised persons.

Any personal data collected and held about you or your child by Moo Music Guernsey will only be what is necessary for the purpose of ensuring the safe and efficient running of the class/event. Your data will not be passed on to any 3rd party by us unless required to do so by law.

Any data that we hold on you or your child will be kept for 6 years from the end of the financial year in which you stop attending Moo Music Guernsey. After this any Data will be securely destroyed.

We will retain photo/video permission forms indefinitely if we have used any photos/videos that include you or your child.

Should you wish to check on the data that Moo Music Guernsey hold on you or your child please give a written request to your class leader who will be able to help.

3rd party organisations that you use to contact us or make payments through may hold data on you and are outside the control of Moo Music Guernsey.  However to the best of our knowledge they comply with GDPR regulations.

We will not contact you unless it is for a specific reason relating to your class/event (such as unexpected cancellation, class reminders etc) unless you have opted into marketing. You can opt out of Moo Music Marketing at anytime by informing your class leader.




All music, handouts, props etc used in our Moo Music Classes and Events are subject to copyright and are for home, personal use only.

These terms and conditions may be modified/updated from time to time. You will be informed in class and via normal methods of communication if this is the case.

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