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The Original Moo Music class!

Each week we join Maggie Moo and her friends for an exciting, fun filled adventure accompanied by the unique Moo Music sound track.

Every class is designed to stimulate and engage your little one as they grow and develop and includes a range of games, activities and crafts as well as music and movement.

The Weekly theme keeps the classes interesting and exciting, while the familiar characters support your child to grow in confidence and independence.

Mixed Moo is suitable for little ones from 6 months to 6 years so is ideal for families and friends who want to have fun together.

Siblings under 6 months are welcome to accompany their older brothers and sisters for free.

Baby Moo is specially designed for little Moovers from 6 months up until they are walking.

The friendly farmyard characters will engage your little one as they use their senses to begin exploring the world around them. 

Each Baby Moo class will include gentle music, movement and songs. You will also have the opportunity to learn signing, enjoy sensory props, play games and learn some Story Book Massage to share with your little one at home.

Each week will have a different theme and allowing you to enjoy special time with your little one.

Mooborn Massage classes are a gentle sensory massage program for babies from 8 weeks to crawling.

Each week will focus on a particular massage stroke or skill followed by gentle music and movement.  Mooborn classes also incorporate signing, singing and sensory play.

Find out more about our Mooborn Massage Classes here.

Family Moo is a Mixed Moo class held on a sunday morning, once a month.


Its ideal for working families who can't get to a Moo class in the week.

As well as the usual Mixed Moo activities, Family Moo also has a much longer free play section as well as a drink and snack time.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for details of our next Family Moo and how to book your place.

Family Moo

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